When I am asked what my plan is I usually shrug my shoulders and answer I will let the fates decided. I have been fortunate in the most of the opportunities I have had resulted in getting to work with great people and do work I enjoy. For every job I have had I have learned something about myself and what I do and do not enjoy doing. Most of my work experience is as an accounting, and four years ago I decided to give teaching a try.

I have been teaching full-time for the past two years. When I started my full-time position I found out about the Provincial Instructors Diploma Program. I decided to enroll because I needed practical skills and knowledge I could bring into my classroom. As a new instructor I believe it is important for me to continue developing my teaching skills. As an accounting instructor I need to do annual professional development to keep my accounting designation.  This means doing on-line courses through CPA Canada and attending workshops and conferences.

What are my career goals?

I am interested in continuing to teach and being a continuous learner will serve me and my students well. I will continue to participate in professional development activities at work. I am interested in taking the Instructional Skills Workshop level two. The next session will be in spring 2020.

I am starting to develop a research practice along with my teaching. The areas I am interested in researching are financial literacy and the use of games and artificial technology in the classroom. I believe research will help me to expand my knowledge in these areas and will benefit my students as well. I am working on applying to do a PhD program in the upcoming year. Before applying for a PhD program I would like to attend the Canadian Academic Accounting Association in 2020. Other conferences I am interested in attending are: CPA Canada‚Äôs Mastering Money conference or the Annual Conference for Financial Education. 

In the short-term I need to continue to gain my teaching knowledge and skills. In the long-term I want to explore my interest in research and my passion for financial literacy.

Links for Canadian Academic Accounting Association, Mastering Money and Annual Conference on Financial Education.

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