Brenda Murray’s instruction strategy is spacing and interleaving. Click on the window below to watch it.

Spacing is strategy to help student remember information. It is uses the concept of  repetition with time in between each attempt as a way of increasing students recall of material. It is a strategy I use with my students. In class they do problems, then they they are assigned homework problems and finally they are provided a review problems for a test or exam. There is time in between each set of problems. A challenge are students who leave everything until the last minute. They chose not to do the questions in class or put in an attempt when I directly as them to show me their work. Doing all the assigned questions in the time they give themselves just is not possible. They are missing out on the advantages of spacing.

Interleaving is when concepts and topics are mixed together, rather then being presented in one topic at a time. I believe this is a good strategy in accounting because many of the topics are related and some students struggle with how topics are linked together. It may help those students who are not engaged with the topic because it shows the big picture and how individual topics build it. The traditional way of teaching accounting is very much 1 topic at a time.


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