Documented Problem Solving is a instructional technique that I’m interested in using in my accounting classes. Michelle (2017) mentions in her presentation that in involves students explaining the steps they followed while solving a problem. The focus of this technique is on the student’s process of solving the problem as opposed to answer. The instructor provides feedback to ensure the students didn’t miss any steps and understand the process.

To actually use this technique in class I will need to overcome fear of not covering the required material in the time I have. One of the disadvantaged of documented problem solving is that it be a time consuming process to introduce to students. The instructor has explain the activity and desired outcome and obtain buy in from students. Students are generally focused on getting the correct answer. I struggle to get them to document their work.

I do believe that it will be time well spent as they students will have increased understanding of the why and how problems are solved. I keep reminding myself that work done early on in a semester helps with more complex activities later.

Check out Michelle’s blog at mcolleyblog.



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