Adventures in Adult Education posted an excellent infomatic on chunking. Chunking is the process were large chunks of information are group into smaller pieces, such as 10 minutes of lecture rather than minutes.(Chunking – Learning Technique. Jan 21, 2017)

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Chunking is technique I use in my accounting classes. I give a 10 minute talk, well I keep it to a maximum of 15 minutes, and students time to work on problems on the topic. I make sure to walk around the room and check in with students if they have questions. If I find that I’m get the same questions I will answer address the entire group. This technique works well for me peoples I have a small class, but I believe it will work in a larger class too.

I know other instructors will cover all the topics in one session and then give students time to work on problems. There students are equally successful. I believe for students who may be struggling or not engaged chunking is likely a better choice.


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