Today people discuss lots of topics that were once taboo, but money is still off limits for a lot of people. It can be uncomfortable and intimidating to talk about money. It can be even harder to know what questions to ask when you are seeking advice about what to do with your money. It is a widely held belief that you just know how to manage your money, but money management is a skill that needs to be learned. The goal of Simple Money Talk is to help you learn the language of money so you are able to make confident decisions about your money. As an expat you are making more money than you did at home, but you still are not saving.

A key for successful saving is to have a clear goal for what you want the money for. By focusing on your goal as opposed to ‘just saving money’ you are motivated to stay on your saving and spending plan. By learning the language of investments and the basics of investments you overcome the challenges and feel confident making money decisions or speaking with your financial adviser.

The goal of Simple Money Talk is to help people become more confident about managing their money.

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